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We have Ron Paul to thank for music icon Selena?

Ron Paul was unable to take over as president of the Libertarian Party, but the doctor appears to have earned a place in history after revelations he delivered a beloved American musical icon to a Lake Jackson hospital. The Chronicle’s Joey Guerra reported this week, citing comments ignored in a recent interview with Abraham Quintanilla, that his daughter, Selena, was delivered in 1971 by the former presidential hopeful and former congressman from Texas. The father claims Paul not only brought the late Latin star into the world, he saved her from another doctor’s misdiagnosis. Quintanilla says his wife was told she had a tumor and needed an operation to remove it, but when they saw Paul for a second opinion, Quintanilla said Paul told her: “This tumor that the other doctor wanted to remove has two arms and two legs. She’s pregnant.” To imagine. Without Paul, there might have been no Selena, even during the short time the “Queen of Tejano Music” graced this land. From this perspective, we say ah-ah-ay, ¡cómo nos duele!

The bird was not born in Texas but he visits as often as he can. An African flamingo known affectionately as ‘Pink Floyd’ and officially as ‘No. 492’ for the tag on its leg, was spotted recently near Port Lavaca after 17 years on the run following its triumphant escape in 2005 from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas. “Looks like Pink Floyd has come back from the ‘dark side of the moon!’ Texas Parks and Wildlife wrote this week in a Facebook post with a video of the lanky, blushing bird in the sun amid glistening waters.Unfortunately, his (or her?) pink partner in crime during the great escape from the Kansas was never seen again. We don’t know how #492 survived on its own in the wild. We’re guessing it just winged it. Spotted every year in Texas since 2018, with pit stops in Louisiana and Wisconsin, Texas wildlife officials say the flamingo is the only bird of its kind on the Gulf Coast of Texas Oh the stories number 492 could tell Its journey, the New York Times, “would fit perfectly in a Pixar movie script. Sadly, the best we can do is this humble Thumbs mention. Kudos to a flamboyant fowl that sees the world and lives its best life. We’re confident that this is not the last re stage of his journey. Texas wildlife officials say they have no plans to clip the wild wanderer’s wings.

Children nowadays. You can’t get them away from the books. Or at least Katy ISD can’t seem to. School districts like Katy ISD have sparked national interest in efforts to ban or restrict access to books like Maus, a nonfiction graphic novel-style text about the Holocaust published decades ago that is currently under review in KISD. In response, students across the state organized to resist with book clubs and handouts. At a Katy ISD school board meeting on Monday, several students spoke out against district efforts that encourage parents to flag books like Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” for review and removal. “I encourage you to read these books,” Seven Lakes High School student Cameron Samuels told the board. Samuels has been advocating for five months now with students like Cinco Ranch High School senior Peniel Otto. We’re not impressed with a school district playing book police. Kudos to the students — you know, the people the school board claims to protect — for standing up for themselves and their peers.

Great news for the great tunnels on Memorial Drive. After beginning construction in 2020, the first 25-foot-tall grass-covered tube is now open. Part of a successful project, the tunnels are part of a land bridge that pedestrians will eventually be able to use and cross, connecting the two sides of Memorial Park. “It’s historic. It’s transformational,” Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters the day before the eastbound lane opened to traffic on Monday. Across Houston, there is a need for projects that combine green space and pedestrian infrastructure. And we love the planned addition of acres of prairie landscape atop the land bridge. But it’s hard not to see the big investment as another accommodation for cars, which are now free to pass through the tunnel eastbound. They will have to wait until May to try the westbound tunnel.

Speaking of adapted cars, the estimated costs of rebuilding Interstate 45 jumped $750 million, according to the latest numbers. The project took years to develop despite continued complaints from the community. While the highway overhaul has the backing of drivers and suburban authorities, residents of neighborhoods that would actually be affected by the plans, as well as environmental activists, have continued to oppose the now-deleted plan. more and more expensive. For now, the federal government is still considering these objections. “What is a freeway primarily for,” we asked in 2021 when the city and county both voiced their frustrations with the plans. “Is it to move people to an area as quickly as possible? Or is it designed to improve the lives of residents in the neighborhoods and towns it passes through? The jury is still out, it seems. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking as a flawed project becomes even more expensive.

The kind of dedication that leads a sports columnist to literally eat the spicy ink strips of an entire Chronicle sports page just because he said he would if his Texas prediction turned out to be wrong deserves more than a mention in Thumbs. It deserves admiration, gratitude and maybe even an entire day named just for him. And that’s exactly what Hall of Fame sportswriter John McClain got when he announced his retirement this week in his 47th year on the job. Mayor Sylvester Turner has announced his intention to proclaim April 5 John McClain Day in the city of Houston. Amid the good wishes and good memories of coaches, players, Chronicle readers and above all colleagues who remembered not only a journalist of integrity but a man of kindness and generosity who took the time to signing autographs and mentoring new colleagues, one Twitter follower summed McClain up simply: “Legend,” the post read. Exactly.