Music business

The music business is all about strategy and growth – Olayeni

Victor Olayeni, a renowned cult leader and recording artist who rose to prominence with a string of hits, says the music industry is all about growth and proper strategy and credit should be given to the powerful team behind such a craft.

According to him, music promotion and sales are essential for all musicians, and iTunes has helped many musicians in this endeavour.

In light of this and his undying love for good music, Olayeni is set to release his new single – God Alone.

“To grow as a brand, you need a league of dedicated people to push you to success,” he said.

He also said that a good team member will work independently of finances since they are the first representations of the brand to the public and ensure that the artist comes out well with good music production among other things.

“Not only are the people involved important, but there are other resources that have helped create amazing music, like iTunes,” he said.

“The strength of iTunes and music is a huge success that should never be overlooked. iTunes is a music software package that allows users to purchase, access and manage albums and songs,” he added.

“It could also be a well-organized media library. It has a wide range of applications,” he said.

According to him, iTunes has helped promote music in various ways, while allowing individuals to earn money from the comfort of their homes.

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He added that there are tools to record music, publish songs and promote music, as well as the ability for others to buy, stream and listen, not to mention the enticing prospect of one package per label and payment.

“It doesn’t stop there; it also helps analyze how people listen to and stream your music around the world. It also works like a catalog, storing all your tracks in one place,” he said.

Over the past two decades, his anointed charisma has created an authentic place of worship for many around the world. “I desire that each individual under the sound of my voice have a celestial encounter with God.”

Olayeni was a worship leader for 15 years at Daystar Christian Center in Lagos, Nigeria under Pastor Sam Adeyemi. He also served as worship director for the RCCG Schaumburg community in Chicago, Illinois for six months and at the Abundant Life Christian Center in New York under the direction of Festus and Anthonia Adeyeye for three years.

He produced and released three electrifying and electrifying albums with the single “How Great You Are”. His philosophy behind his music and ministry is still the same. He sailed and continues to sail around the world ministering while leading several worship teams.