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Soundfly School launches new course with Synthwave and electronic music icon Com Truise

Online music school Soundfly has teamed up with dynamic producer Seth Haley, better known as Com Truise, to launch a new course on creating sci-fi-inspired electronic music. “Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk” is available today as part of Soundfly’s premium lesson subscription program, where students get unlimited access to a comprehensive library of music lessons. creative.

Haley opens up about his creative process, beginning with the sparks of inspiration he finds in retrofuturistic scenarios, like the story of the android astronaut that inspired many of his albums. And he demonstrates the techniques he uses to put together a track, create synth patches, sample retro drum machine sounds and take advantage of 80s production techniques to create music that is both nostalgic and new.

Students will look inside sessions of some of Com Truise’s greatest hits and follow along as he creates a whole new track from scratch. The unreleased song, “Dynetics” is available exclusively to Soundfly subscribers.

The course features over 30 videos, plus plays, downloads, stems, and more, and subscribers have access to the Slack community of Soundfly instructors, artists, and experts, where they can ask questions. questions and get feedback on their work.

Heard most recently in its Super Bowl ad with Coinbase, Com Truise has released three full albums, four EPs, and two compilations with acclaimed indie electronic label Ghostly International. He has also done remixes for Daft Punk, Maroon 5, Tycho, deadmau5 and Neon Indian, among others.

“Com Truise’s music is full of powerful contradictions – ambient textures with driving beats, vintage synths dialing in modern-sounding melodies, 80s production techniques but with all the power of the modern DAW,” said the Soundfly CEO, Ian Temple. “What I’ve enjoyed most seeing inside his process is learning how to create entire worlds with your music, almost like you’re making a movie rather than a song. I’m so excited by the sounds that our students will be able to unlock in themselves after taking the course.”

“I came across so many tutorials on YouTube from people trying to recreate my sounds over the years, and my reaction to that was to keep my techniques like well-kept secrets,” Haley said. “But I’ve never been classically trained and I’ve had to figure out a lot of what I do on my own. And so I think it’s finally time to pass the torch to anyone who wants to learn , and I hope other artists can inspire me in my way of making music.”

“Com Truise: Mid-Fi Synthwave Slow-Motion Funk” is available now and can be viewed for free at:

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