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Saweetie Talks Working With Music Icon Cher And Accepting M A C’s Challenge

M·A·C teamed up with two music superstars, Cher and Saweetie, for its recent #MACChallengeAccepted campaign, which encourages makeup enthusiasts to test the famous brand’s products and shine a light on their performance.

“Only M A C could bring Cher and Saweetie together,” says Drew Elliott, SVP, Global Creative Director of M A C. “When we were thinking about how to demonstrate our high performance, it was obvious that we needed an icon and a legend. M A C products are designed for the stars on stage or off, every days and all day We couldn’t be happier to have Cher and Saweetie putting our formulas to the test.

M·A·C created Challenge Accepted because it is at the heart of the business. Since its inception in 1984, the company has dared to challenge the status quo, challenge social norms and push the boundaries of everything from shade ranges to formulas, finishes and effects.

Saweetie speaks exclusively to Essence about her work with the legendary Cher. “I love being around confident, assertive, independent, strong, successful women. It really pushes me forward and I feel like it fuels me. She was so loving, caring and wise, so I had a good time.

When we asked Icy Grl how she puts M·A·C to the test, she shared her 5-minute M·A·C face with us.

“Okay, I take the foundation, I think I use N42 and I put it all over my face, then I’m going to put powder on my face,” she explains in detail. “Then from this powder I will do my eyebrows because I have something to work on, if I have time I will draw my eyebrows.”

She also explains that she shapes her face with a powder a little deeper than her skin tone and applies the product to her eyelids. “I hope my eyelashes are done. If not and if I have time, I’ll put on eyelashes and cute mascara. So blush, I like to blush.

According to Saweetie, M A C rose to the challenge by developing the Clear lip glass formula. “I have them in almost every handbag,” she reveals. “And don’t leave a hot summer day in the car. Because this lip gloss is hot, but guess what? It’s still on my lips.

Saweetie believes that having the right support is one of the best ways to overcome challenges on the path to achieving your goals. “Honestly, I think it comes down to having a good team around you,” she explains. “It’s something I’m building slowly but surely. I couldn’t do it without my team. I have people who take care of the business side, the beauty side, the fashion side, I have a lot of categories that make the brand icy.

For 2022, Saweetie has vowed to do something many of us wish we could do: sleep more. “Before, I didn’t sleep at all,” she tells us. “Now I probably get two or three hours of sleep at night because of my travels. That’s just what it is, but I think I’ve figured out how to take quick naps. So I’m going to take a 30-minute nap. minutes or an hour.

Are you ready for the challenge? Show them what your MAC is capable of by using #MACChallengeAccepted. To learn more about Challenge Accepted, visit

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