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Pop music icon Britney Spears quits Instagram again

Pop music icon Britney Spears is quitting Instagram again without warning. While some may think it’s to celebrate her recent marriage in private, the truth is darker than that. Anyone who has followed Spears over the past few years has all noticed one thing. His messages sometimes read as a bit “maniacal”. That’s not to say there isn’t truth to them, however. Right now, the world can’t tell if she left Instagram or if the site deleted her profile. Why can you ask? Continue reading. It’s quite surreal.

The first and most important reason for being potentially banned is quite simple. The star posted nude selfies. One particular on the beach really made your head spin. While some think she’s just enjoying her post-conservation freedom, there’s no way to know. And there’s a strict no-nudity rule on the site, no matter how famous you are.

Between the nudity and the strange posts, something is wrong. Honestly, people have been worried about the pop icon for a while:

Pop music icon Britney Spears quits Instagram (or does she?)

This is where it gets weird. In recent memory, Spears has posted posts that have attracted attention. The main story that caught the eye was an article about tri-star, the production company. The pop music icon said she was invited to an event and terrible things happened there that she covered up. Without any details, she also said she would soon give her opinion and seek damages. So what could all of this mean?

Well, we already know that Hollywood is corrupt at this point. Sadly, now that Britney Spears has left Instagram, we may never know for sure. We just hope she’s okay and doesn’t spiral back. And if his accusations are true, the wrong side can be held responsible.