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Teca Lomboglia through CC 2.0

“Music Icon” Gal Costa, one of the most famous pop artists in Brazilian history, has died, according to the BBC. They note that she was considered an international icon.

Costa was 77 at the time of his death.

The new Brazilian President Lula posted on Twitter that “Gal Costa was one of the greatest singers in the world, one of our main artists to carry the name and the sounds of Brazil all over the planet. His talent, his technique and his audacity have enriched and renewed our culture, shaped and marked the lives of millions of Brazilians.

The above statement has been translated into English using Google Translate, so the translation may not be accurate.

Costa has recorded over 30 albums during her decades-long career and is best known for hits such as “Baby”, “Que Pena”, “Chuva de Prata” and “Divino Maravilhoso”.

Costa recently underwent surgery and had announced that she would have to cancel a number of concerts due to her doctor’s orders as she worked to recover from the operation. She had announced that she would return to the stage in December.

His exact cause of death was not immediately announced.

In addition to his own songs, Costa has also “lent his distinctive voice to a wide range of songs by authors such as Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque and Milton Nascimento”, according to the BBC.

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