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Kelly Clarkson lambasted by fans for ‘insulting’ music icon

Some Kelly Clarkson fans are upset after she appeared to mock a fan of a famous rapper on her show. In an Instagram video of her interview with Rose McIver, Clarkson, 40, spoke to the New Zealand actress about once aspiring to be a rapper. When asked who influenced her the most, McIver, 33, cited the music of Tupac Shakur as inspiration.

With over 75 million albums sold worldwide, Shakur is widely regarded as one of the most influential and best-selling rappers of all time. His music often focused on social issues in inner city neighborhoods and he is often seen as a leading figure in the fight against injustice. Shakur was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. He died six days later at the age of 25.

“Growing up near the beach, bohemian, New Zealand kind of lifestyle, I discovered Tupac, and I finally felt really seen,” McIver told Clarkson, who laughed. Clarkson asked, “Are you bound? Are you bound to the base posts over there?” After McIver nodded, the talk show host continued, “That’s amazing. You should be a comedian.”

Commenters on Clarkson’s Instagram post would later chastise the former The voice coach for his reaction to McIver’s story. “Tupac was legendary!” one person wrote. “If you didn’t feel anything while listening. You don’t have a soul.” Another wrote, “Kelly is too loud, bossy and insulting. She needs to learn to LISTEN.”

“What a weird interview,” one comment read. “I agree she didn’t listen to what was being said…but yet she must have known what was going to happen because they immediately showed Tupac’s picture. To relate to Tupac’s music is not comical.” Others said they didn’t find Clarkson’s remarks offensive. “Nothing about this is insulting,” one person wrote, “you all reach.” Another person commented, “Be real people, Kelly Clarkson laughs at everything, all the time! Look.”

“Oh my God! So Kelly’s not a Tupac fan. Me neither,” posted another commenter. “She was allowed to have her own opinions, and I don’t think McIver felt insulted at all. They’re just talking and joking. They both laughed. It’s called humor. @kellyclarkson I think you are a kind and beautiful person inside and out. Keep doing what you are doing.

In the meantime, the official Instagram account of The voice recently posted a teaser for season 22 of the show. Clarkson won’t be coming back The voice this year and discussed the reason during an August 23 appearance on Today’s show. “I hadn’t had a minute, and obviously it was a tough couple of years,” she said. “So it was very important for me to stop for a minute.”

Specifically, Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock had swallowed up her off-screen life. After almost seven years of marriage, she filed for divorce in June 2020, and the divorce was finalized in August 2021. Clarkson added that she looked forward to spending more time with her two children with Blackstock, a task she she accomplished during her summer. . “The kids were with me and their dad. It was good because they usually have to travel a lot because of our split, we were both in Montana, so I think my kids felt a bit more centered too. .”