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Jeff Bezos looking to buy NFL team with Music Icon | Latest news live

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to own a sports team and wants to buy the Washington Commanders football team, according to several reports.

Bezos is considering a joint bid “possibly in conjunction with rapper and music industry giant Jay-Z.” The news was reported by CNBC, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and others including People.

It wouldn’t be Jay-Z’s first move into sports ownership, as he previously owned part of the Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise.

Bezos also reportedly had an interest in buying the Phoenix Suns from the NBA. There are reports that former President Barack Obama may also be involved in a bid for the Suns.

CNBC notes that aside from Bezos and Jay-Z, other “potential bidders for commanders include media mogul Byron Allen.” Allen has also long been interested in buying a sports team and was involved in talks to buy the Denver Broncos before it was purchased by members of the Walton family, owners of Walmart.

Last week it was learned that Commanders owner Dan Snyder was considering selling the team amid much controversy, including investigations by Congress and the NFL into “allegations of sexual harassment and financial misconduct”. , according to CNBC.

Snyder is also the subject of a criminal investigation in Virginia, ESPN reports.

In 2019, CBS Sports reported that Bezos “has strong support within the league to eventually join their ranks,” so he may not have trouble gaining approval from other owners to buy a team.

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