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Janet Jackson’s new documentary promises a never-before-seen look into the music icon’s life

A legend, the role model, an empowered woman.

These are just some of the words used to describe Janet Jackson by interviewees like Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Ciara and Randy Jackson in the trailer for a new four-part Sky documentary about the global icon of the music that is Janet Jackson.

The new documentary, co-authored by the pop legend herself, promises an unflinching look at her life, career and the controversies she faced during her lifetime in the public eye.

Janet Jackson – the documentary

Airing later this month on Sky Documentaries and NOW on two consecutive nights, the four-part series will see the usually extremely private singer open up about recent motherhood, her Super Bowl shame and the industry’s blacklisting of the music that followed, and the serious allegations that surrounded his brother Michael until his death in 2009.

But why now? As the 55-year-old says in the trailer, “It’s just something that needs to be done.”

After a career spanning five decades, Jackson recently found herself at the center of cultural conversation when the misogyny the singer faced after a 2004 Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake resurfaced, thanks to a recent documentary by Britney Spears.

Boldly billing itself as “the documentary event of a lifetime”, the new four-hour series will see the musical artist tell his life story in his own words, complemented by five years of one-on-one interviews and archival footage.

Cultural influence

One of the most awarded musical artists of all time, Janet Jackson is the only member of her famous family to have completely managed to emerge from the shadow of her brother Michael’s stratospheric career to carve out her own pop legacy.

With sales of over 180 million records worldwide, the singer is one of the best-selling artists and live performers of all time, with her groundbreaking third album Control changing the face of music forever. mainstream and popular culture when it was released in 1986.