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Harry Styles: the teenage idol became a music icon

A regular customer strolling through Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino may have felt a bit out of place on Thursday night. Lines of people in their early twenties wore elaborate outfits including glittery jumpsuits, rainbow boas, glow-in-the-dark cowboy hats and sheer crop tops – an ode to the singer’s flamboyant, fashion-forward pizzazz , Harry Styles, thousands of people planned to see that night. The casino was packed with fans holding signs saying “Don’t respect me!” and “Adopt me please!” to get the singer’s attention in the 10,000-seat arena during the “Harry Styles: Love on Tour” concert.

One Direction Days

Styles gained initial fame when he auditioned for the UK version of The X Factor aged 16 in 2010. After failing to make it past bootcamp as a solo artist, he was reunited in an ensemble with four other boys who were also cut – Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik – forming the band One Direction. The group finished third in the competition, but their success was just beginning.

The group’s debut single, “What Makes You Beautiful”, was released in September 2011 to commercial and critical acclaim, followed by their debut album “Up All Night” later that year. The debut album featured fun, upbeat and catchy tunes such as “One Thing” and “I Want” which highlighted the boys’ innocence and friendliness, creating their immaculate boy band image.

Styles quickly established himself as a fan favorite with his long, curly brown hair, dimpled smile, and prankster personality. His voice was one of the strongest in the set, which led him to have many solos and to become the “face” of the group.

Following their newfound fame, the band constantly released music and toured throughout their five-year stay. Every year they release a new album, the sound of which gradually matures as the boys grow older. Their 2012 album, “Take Me Home,” featured brilliant electric guitar sounds with messages of unrequited love. “Midnight Memories” (2013) had a rockier, more adult tone, with Styles’ signature tracks such as fan-favorite “Happily” and “Something Great”. The group released two more albums – ‘Four’ (2014), which included the popular single ‘Steal My Girl’, and ‘Made in the AM’ (2015), a bittersweet farewell with the song ‘History’ – before that the band takes an indefinite hiatus.

“Harry Styles” and “Fine Line”

In 2017, Styles released his first solo album “Harry Styles”, which explored themes of lovers and relationships. The album’s sound featured soft rock and 1970s rock melodies. Styles’ first single from the album, “Sign of the Times”, is a nearly six-minute soul-inspired soft rock ballad and indie rock. The song sets Styles apart from his boy band days by eschewing generic pop radio trends. With a mixture of ballads and high-energy rock, the album’s tracks range from soft musical numbers, such as “From the Dining Table”, a song about the disappearance of an ex-partner, to “Only Angel”, a number guitar heavy rock music. . “Kiwi,” a true upbeat rock anthem about the classic femme fatale, and “Two Ghosts,” a soft rock ballad about old lovers punctuated with a slight country accent, stand out as some of the best songs on the album.

Following the critical and commercial success of “Harry Styles”, the singer’s second album, “Fine Line” (2019) highlights themes of breakups, kindness and – as Styles himself describes – “having relationships sex and feel sad”. The inspiration for the album came from Styles’ heartbreak over his failed relationship with French-American model Camille Rowe. A voicemail Rowe left for Styles is even featured in the album at the end of the heartfelt song “Cherry.” “Fine Line” is a more adventurous album with styles incorporating layers of harmonies in the song “Golden” and a funky guitar beat in “Adore You”. Her best-known single from the album “Watermelon Sugar,” which won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance, is a song about the shared pleasures of oral sex and famous female orgasm disguised as a lively summer song. .

As Styles is on tour for another month, fans are eagerly awaiting new music and glimpses into other aspects of his life, offered through his upcoming movies, “My Policeman” and “Don’t Worry Darling.” as well as modeling campaigns for Gucci. Harry Styles is one of the biggest names in the music industry and with fans by his side for 11 years, it’s clear his popularity is here to stay.