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Greek music icon Vaangelis dies | India is blooming

Los Angeles (Reuters) – Greek music composer Vangelis, known for creating iconic film themes for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner, has died, media said on Friday.

He was 79 years old.

Paying tribute, Lord Puttnam, who produced the film Chariots of Fire, told the BBC that Vangelis had created “a new musical landscape”.

American composer Austin Wintory tweeted: “Wow, an icon leaves us. Farewell to Vangelis, who changed an entire era of music, and was then rediscovered decades later by a whole new generation. What a legacy.”

Academy Award-nominated British musician Daniel Pemberton told the BBC: “It’s also hard to fathom how revolutionary Chariots of Fire was. A period British film with a phenomenal synth score.”

Vangelis was best known for his Oscar-winning score for Chariots of Fire (1981), as well as composing music for the films Blade Runner (1982), Missing (1982), Antarctica (1983), The Bounty (1984), 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) and Alexander (2004), and for the use of his music in Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS documentary series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.