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Fond memories of Dundee music icon Michael Marra a decade after his death

Tributes are being paid to Dundee music icon and late singer-songwriter, Michael Marra, who would have turned 70 this week.

Nearly a decade after his death in October 2012, a community choir from Lochee, led by my Michael’s daughter, is among those performing at a small gathering.

Priscilla Webster of the Lochee Linties Choir said: ‘He was shamelessly a Lochee boy.

“Would you believe a few of us were in New York for Tartan Week, and we heard he was playing with Liz Lochhead in Washington.

“So we got a train down and he almost fainted seeing those four Lochee wifis. Even there he didn’t spare his lochee accent, he never spared his audience.

“Because he was so proud of it, we’re all proud of it too, and we all know the words to all the songs.”

Michael was known to many as “The Bard of Dundee” and his songs are still cherished today,

Alice Marra, Michael’s daughter, said: “We’ve never known him over sixty and the fact that it’s his 70th birthday, it’s kind of nice to think, what would he have looked like at sixty -ten years?

“It’s been ten years in October since we lost him and it’s quite an important year and we hope to have quite a few events throughout this year just to mark the importance of it.

“We just want people to take a moment to remember him and remember his music and keep his music alive – that’s really important to us.”

Last year a Michael mural was created in Lochee to honor a man who never lost ties to his roots.

“Everyone talks about the quality of the mural and it’s fantastic,” Alice explained.

She added: “We think he would be a little embarrassed to have his eyes on Lochee where he grew up.

“But I also think he would be really proud – I hope he would be proud – because he made a lot of people very, very happy.

“While it is extremely sad that he is no longer with us, he left such an incredible legacy.

“We are truly proud and forever grateful to everyone who brings his music to life.”