Music business

Call for Applications: IMB Music Business Scholarships in Spain

The call is aimed at professionals and students from the industry who want to boost their careers and take on a role of responsibility in the live music sector.

IMB and Primavera Sound will provide six full scholarships as well as six partial scholarships for the course. The full scholarship is particularly aimed at talented candidates who, for financial reasons, have serious difficulties in enrolling in the Challenges 22-23 module despite their strong motivation and determination.

The degree is designed to showcase students’ skills and help them connect with leading companies such as YouTube, Sony Music, Warner Music Group and Primavera Sound. The institute says the program is the first of its kind to be based on the real future challenges of its partner companies.

The program will see each of the global partners from different sectors pose six forward-looking challenges. Throughout the course, students will learn the principles of innovation, visualize the impact of new technologies, practice presenting their proposals to management teams, and gain other essential skills for leading an ever-expanding music business. .

How to register

Applicants should possess the following attributes:

  • Have an inquisitive mind, see challenges as opportunities.
  • Are a collaborative team player.
  • You are a motivated self-starter.
  • Have a global vision.

Specific requirements:

  • Declaration of Intent. Particular attention will be paid to financial and motivational arguments.


  • Candidates can use any text editing software to write their essays (max 600 words).
  • Convert to PDF and save for upload when applying from the online form.

Applicants must complete the following assignment:

Over the past two years, much has been said and written about how the metaverse will redefine the live music experience. Read it next article published by Forbes in July 2021 and answer these questions:

  • Explain why you think you qualify for the full Primavera Sound and Innovation scholarship.
  • What do you think of the evolution of the live music experience over the next five years? Explain and provide evidence where possible.
  • Identify three main challenges that the live music industry in general and music promoters in particular face in order to keep their business growing. Explain and provide evidence where possible.


  • Candidates can use any text editing software to write their essays.
  • Applicants are allowed to add links, images and graphics on the document. (Max 1,200 words).
  • Convert to PDF and save for upload when applying from the online form.

Interested candidates can apply for both scholarships here before July 17.

IMB is one of the first schools specializing in training for music professions, with more than 15 years of experience in providing training. Last year, the program brought together students from 12 different nationalities and from various professional backgrounds.

“We are putting students in a position where, for the first time, they could be the source of inspiration and valuable solutions for the entire music industry,” said IMB Director David Loscos.

“The solutions contain ideas and takeaways to reflect on,” Sony Music said: “The processes used for deep understanding, the way students generated ideas, and the presentation of the projects themselves were all It’s amazing how such a young group of talent with just a few lines of information can make a comeback so close to our reality and our real needs.