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Bow Wow clarifies who taught him about the music industry | News

bow wow has been a household name for over two decades now, and many may know that it all started with Jermaine Dupri and So So Def.

That said, the Ohio rapper says that even though the music mogul gave him his start, he didn’t impart any business knowledge to him because it was something he had to figure out on his own.

The 35-year-old took to Twitter for a Q&A with fans on Friday March 25 and said as much about his arrival.

“You wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for these [fire] JD beats snoop may have discovered you… but JD created you!!!” one person wrote, to which Bow Wow replied, “Did who? Hahahaha he did kriss kross. I don’t go through artist development, I don’t need to learn how to rap. It’s not the TV show, the rap game. I came ready. Without missing out of respect, but he’s not telling me anything about this case, bro. And it’s real. He’s not giving advice.

When asked which of his songs he was most proud of, Bow Wow named 2006’s “I’m a Flirt.” And that’s because it didn’t involve his former label boss.

“[…] He went number one without JD. And I wrote it with JD,” he said. “My whole career, I had to prove to people that I wasn’t to be played with. It was like Kobe winning against Shaq. Even JD said to me, ‘If you think you can do it without me, THEN DO IT.’ Well, I did.

Additionally, Bow Wow told his fans that he and JD had “zero working chemistry” and that he hadn’t collaborated with him in years.

“Jermaine Dupri is the king of this,” Bow Wow tweeted, claiming that Dupri is not living up to his commitments. “You all know that me and JD are on bad terms and on good terms. It’s like that.”

Finally, when asked if he could do it all over again, Bow Wow said he wished he’d “stayed with Snoop” and “never signed with anyone else.” The rapper was discovered by the Long Beach rapper in 1993 before signing with So So Def Recordings.