Music business

Artists should have a clear understanding of the music industry

TuneCorand is a global platform for independent musicians to grow their audiences and careers through technology and services for distribution, publishing administration and a range of promotional services.

The organization recently commenced its operations in Africa with the launch of its African Operations with two Regional Heads covering Southern and West Africa.

A Nigerian, Chioma Onuchukwu, has been appointed to lead TuneCore, West and East Africa.

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According to Chioma, after Believe bought the company, many benefits were presented.

As a TuneCore artist, you have the option to upgrade from TuneCore to Believe for enhanced artist services. Think of it as career progression. You have many more opportunities to push yourself and your music further. Believe offers distribution, artist development, marketing solutions and analytics services.

She notes that many artists don’t know how to start distributing their music on digital streaming platforms. Some are completely unaware of it.

“Some people don’t know why it’s important to do this and how it can help boost their careers as musicians. They only focus on producing and distributing CDs and some even distribute their music for free to ‘promote the music’ on the website and most of the time they don’t get anything in return. We do our best to educate independent musicians on the practices and reasons for digital music distribution.

Chioma further states “like any other type of business, having a music career is a business and it is important to have a clear understanding of the business.

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Above all, as a freelance artist, you shouldn’t just focus on the production side. You must have a distribution plan; how will your fans find your music, and of course, marketing and promotion; how to make your music known to your fans and potential fans. Your music career/business doesn’t end with production.

Chioma TuneCore was created to make life easier for independent artists. On the one hand, artists retain all creative control and rights to their musical works. This will also include 100% of their distribution revenue when they distribute with TuneCore. Our platform is very easy to use and provides you with tools and resources to support your career as a musician; an analytics dashboard for insights into your tracks, and the groundbreaking educational series, the TuneCore Rewards program for masterclasses in all aspects of DIY publishing.

Do you believe that distribution companies are applauded for being more transparent than labels? She had this to say

“For TuneCore, yes. We pride ourselves on being transparent. No hidden fees or deductions. Artists always receive 100% of earnings. We provide our artists with visibility into the performance of their releases via our analytics dashboard. Transparency builds trust and we want our artists to trust us.

She says artists need to be consistent and always show up. They have to interact with their fans on social networks, plan tours, take advantage of social networks. Build relationships with industry experts. To be present. If or when you have the resources, form a team.

“Absolutely, social media is a great marketing platform for creators and a fantastic discovery platform for music listeners. Many people discover new music through social media when it’s used in videos and/or challenges. Challenges on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can make your music go viral.

“The continued provision of information and education, especially to new and aspiring musicians, as well as support for African music is key to a more sustainable system; We need to move to more local music streaming, to allow for streaming revenue growth in the future, which is starting to improve. As an industry, we must also ensure that what is owed to music creators is paid to them.