Shishonnah Live!@ Trickster Gallery

Liz Madden and Jenne Lennon…two women with distinctive strong voices performing songs form their debut album Elysian Dreams.  You can check more of Shishonnah in this channel : ===================================================================   Tell you what’s good about Sunday. Looking at paintings by Irish painter Martin Driscoll is what’s amazing. He captures the soul of Ireland in his artworks. More … Continue reading

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Celtic Adrenalin Rehash And Shishonnah

It’s now time to bring back Gavern’s Celtic Adrenalin. Check this blurb: Gavern’s music encompasses many sounds and atmospheric textures that range from orchestral pieces suited for soundtrack to ambient/electronic and Celtic Chanting pieces. The music is composed to evoke emotion and help the listener enjoy the experience by either relaxing, dancing or reminiscing. Gavern … Continue reading