Looking at Cornwall

I love this shirt!

You can get it here:


The Cornish artist is on the rise again….

I interviewed Sue Aston a couple of moons ago and I am so impressed with her responses. Just goes to show that behind that enchanted violin lies a woman who is opinionated and witty. She released her new album this year with a great ensemble of well-heeled musicians. Here’s one of her great videos. Enjoy:


Traditional Music from Cornwall…

It has everything for everyone. For those who have been looking for something really Cornish and celtic then this is your introduction. This is one reference guide . Great packaging and samples you can hear from the web prior to purchase. Grab your copies now and celebrate Cornwall’s legacy to the music world.

Preview here:


Celebrating  Culture with Cornish Gorseth..

What I learned is that Gorseth Kernow (Cornish Gorsedd) is a non-political Cornish organisation, which exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Also, The Gorseth Kernow (Gorsedd of Cornwall) was set up in 1928 at Boscawen-un by Henry Jenner, one of the early proponents of Cornish language revival, who took the name “Gwas Myghal”, meaning “servant of Michael“.

More info here:

Map of Cornwall

Map of Cornwall

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10 thoughts on “Looking at Cornwall

    • Because like the Irish, the Scots, Welsh,Cornish,Galician and Manx-they have a distinctive Celtic identity apart from the English. Their culture is different from the English as well as their language.

  1. Do me a favour and listen to short clips from my new Cornish album: “Omdowl Morek” (Sea Wrestling), which is available as a CD or downloadable at

    Also downloadable, Cornish lyrics and English translations in PDF lyrics booklet from Maga

    YouTube link to a medley of my 9 album song clips

    URL for Western Mornisng News article:

    • She is an amazing artist: down to earth and really talented! Look for her recordings and search for my other posts about her in this site. Just type her name on the search field and you will have it.

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