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Oh Muse Where Art Thou?

Today’s writing gives tribute to the muses in flesh and blood and beyond. Do you remember that very first person in your life that made you take on a journey, maybe not physically but rather spiritually or aesthetically? Ever since then have you been following the beat of your personal drum? A lot of people took different courses in their lives when they’re hit by something. Maybe they realized  it is a wrong career choice or they’re just expected to be that way. I studied Psychology to be a Guidance Counselor but here I am now toying with aesthetics and spreading the muses of notes.

On the pic: Cecile Corbel

On the pic: Cecile Corbel

Enya studied music to be a piano teacher. But  meeting  Nicky and Roma Ryan made her embark on a musical journey that literally too years starting in 1982. She made that decision, lived with it and never looked back ever since. Have you made the same decision based on gut feeling, or is it conviction? Sometimes we make decisions in life that would be considered crazy . But then again who knows? I guess when you listen to your soul, you will now what it tells you. Especially when you get financial and artistic success out of it.

On the picture: Jenne Lennon

On the picture: Jenne Lennon

Loreena McKennitt, studied to be a veterinarian. But the call of Celtic music was strong in her blood that she had to follow it. It wasn’t easy because she had to market her recordings at that time and eventually own her own record label(Quinlan Road) which was a rare feat for a woman in those days. Have you ever tried to do things your way no matter how financially hard it is?  Did that voice inside you said that you have to go on no matter what because it is something you must do to stay sane? I will take this quote from Brian Tracy: The depth of your belief and the strength of your conviction determines the power of your personality.

Cecile Corbel studied to be an Archeologist. Right now she has two albums out. There are lots ands lots of musicians out there who continue to create wonderful music . Those of you who read my interviews here realize that a real musical career is not an easy road. Sure there are popular acts out there who are younger and sell millions of records-but until when and to what extent? We know what celebrity lifestyle does to people. Family value is not the only reason that make sane people. Experience as well as the company of good people also contribute to this. This applies to all of us no matter what careers we choose. We have to love what we’re doing in order for things to follow. And we have to make sure that we are surrounded by people who have our best interest in life.

Personally, I think music is supposed to be a vehicle of healing other than just a means of expression. I love all kinds of music.  There are those that come and go. You know the kind that you love the first time you hear it but grows stale with late. Then there are those that just grows on you and you don’t mind listening to again and again. You can fake production . But you can’t fake passion.The time and energy a musician put on the record to ensure that it is ripe for the world , is also the time it takes for the record to stay in everyone’s ear.

So have you sat down today and thought about what you really want in your life? If you have then amen to that. Who knows? One day you might become that strange and exciting voice  we will be hearing. Or the creator of that music that we will always love.

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8 thoughts on “Oh Muse Where Art Thou?

  1. Good, interesting points here. Ironically from age 6 or 7 I knew I wanted to be an artist. I didn’t get a lot of support & gave up on it for many years. Evidently that drive just refused to die. Not that I make money at it (that’s why I work part-time at the local library,) but never say never, y’know? :)

  2. Greetings from South Amerikay, Argentina!.
    As a harpist and celtic musician I appreciate your posts regarding the Celtic Harp and musicians related to it..
    You own a very interesting blog, thanks for leaving comments on mine, I will be indexing yours to my “Cool Sites” links!
    Keep up the good work!
    You may find me also at :

  3. I guess you could say that I’m doing what I feel like I was born to do with Trottersville. Now, I’m not so sure of that most days, but I know I’m pretty deadly sure once in a blue moon. :P I dislike not being able to make a living from drawing silly little pigs, but, all things said, I’d rather do it than not… even if that means obscurity and not getting rich doing something else, you know what I mean?

    Thanks for such a thoughtful post today, Baxter (have I ever said how cool I think that name is?). It’s always a joy to come here. :)

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