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A Beautiful Voice Deserves A Good Composition

Let’s face it. Without a beautiful vehicle, even the most beautiful voice amount to nothing. I have seen this happening to singers whom I think have brilliant voices but who never really “took off” because of some technicalities or direction that muddled their gifts.

I think vocal skill and artistry should match. That is why it takes a really good composer to create a successful singer . Let’s face it. Singers who have horrible voices can after all, cheat their way due to studio gimmickry. But a beautiful composition interpreted by different singers will  still sound good.

How can you explain the success of “You Raise Me Up” by Secret Garden? It has been sung by different singers and never sounded less than a pearl! Thanks to Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham, that song will be immortalize in years to come. Enya‘s May it Be from Fellowship of the Rings has been interpreted by the likes of Hayley Westenra and Kiri Tikanawa.

Sure people might disagree with versions they hear but one could not deny that a beautiful song will always live on no matter how many times an attempt has been made to butcher it. Not to forget Joni Mitchell’s gem “Both Sides Now’ which was also recorded by Judy Collins,Joni herself and Clannad.

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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Voice Deserves A Good Composition

  1. Thanks for the kind words Bill. I do try my best to make sure it is quality over quantity. I hope you drop by every now and then because I have more interviews with Celtic musicians up soon. Cheers!

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