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The Death of Physical Media?

With the popularity of downloads, it is hard for collectors to get the physical media. And I am not just talking about vinyl records and cassette tapes. I am also talking about b-sides released on CD format. This is what happened to Enya’s My!My! Time Flies. Fans anticipated another physical release and what we get is just the MP3 version. I just hope that people would once again help get physical media back. Ipods  make  music collection all the more illusive. I want to smell enlay cards, record sleeves and printed album covers!

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One thought on “The Death of Physical Media?

  1. I won’t be surprised if there are no physical releases of singles from the next Enya album. They just don’t seem to sell very well, except for those who wish to collect the media. If someone likes one song, they’ll buy the album. I’ll miss them, because some of the Enya single covers have been so great.

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