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Celtic Music of Brittany

Now that we have explored Brittany, let us look into the type of Celtic music and dance from that place. Link1 , link2

Now remember that Breton language is another Celtic branch of language just like Irish and Welsh. Look further here for more information.

Here’s Denez Prigent who is Brittany’s own pride in Breton Celtic music revival. Woooah! I feel like dancing.

And here’s his duet with Australian singer/composer and the other half of Dead Can Dance Lisa Gerard. This is  taken from the movie Black Hawk Down.

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One thought on “Celtic Music of Brittany

  1. Hello! My name is Julie, I am from Russia, and Celtic culture is staying closer to my heart and especially Breton culture. I learn Breton language (me ‘zo!), and I’ve heard both of these songs, Gortoz a ran and An Hini A Garan. I mean this duet with Lisa Gerrard. It is absolutely perfect, fantastic, emotional… I can’t stop listen to these songs and over and over again. And I think Denez Prigent could be not only Breton pride, he could be the pearl of all Celtic music and art. Thats my own opinion!
    You said that his official site is on construction? Is it still so now?
    Wonderful, poetic emotional songs – and not only these two, another songs too.
    Bravo, monseur Prigent!
    Mat tre, trugarez vras!
    Rusia gant Denez ivez!
    Thank you.

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