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Jenny Mulve's new album Suiri

Jenny Mulve's new album Suiri

Yesterday I wrote a review about Traditional Irish music’s rising star Jenny Mulvey. Well, I got a response in my account and I could say I am tickled pink.



At 11:20am on 29 May 2009, Jenny Mulvey said…

Thank you so much. I have just read the review. I am so pleased. Smiling from ear to ear!! Go raibh míle maith agat! 
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At 11:17am on 29 May 2009, Jenny Mulvey said…

Thanks a million. I really appreciate it! 
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This is really a defining moment why I really want to devote my life to Irish music. Everything is just beautiful and everyone’s a family in this community. I never really find it hard to make friends with the Irish. Maybe because we share a common history…us Filipinos under the rule of Spain., The Irish under British rule. We experienced what it’s like to be oppressed and to be subjected to something that we have to do because we have no choice. But the Irish had it harder. They were forced to give up their Gaelic language because they were made to believe that speaking Gaelic is associated with poverty and being not educated.

  Reading about Ireland’s history gave me a sense of direction. It’s like uncovering a treasure box tucked somewhere in the attic. Opening it up opened my mind to something that’s telling me there is no going back. I share the same passion with my American friend Brandon. He knows how to speak Gaelic and he’s from South Carolina .He also loves everything Irish(he even owns a bodhran and tin whistle). I think Brandon also cemented my love for what I do and what I listen to.

   Yes this world can be a harsh place but magic still lives in all the right places. All you have to do is find them. And you cannot find them with all the noise. You have to be really quiet and trusting. Because like you, it needs assurance.


You can visit Jenny Mulvey’s Offical website here:

Her liveireland account:


Clannad’s Fuaim for a rainy day

  There’s rain outside and I am listening to Fuiam(pronounced as Foom).Fuiam in English means’ Sound“.Prior to their more commercial albums, this one is like a transition period for the band. Enya also appears as contributing musician and singer.She also has a duet with lead sister Moya Brennan on An tÚll .I love the arrangements. It has this organic  freshness to it that makes it an appropriate soundtrack for rain.I have a friend in Manila who is a fan of Clannad who knows another friend who is also a fan.Yes it takes people of the same persuasions…..Ciaran Brennan makes a vocal appearance on the second track: “Mheall Sí Lena Glórthaí Mé


My plan of watching Angels and Demons is once again thwarted by the rain. My friends keep telling me that Ewan MacGregor as Camerlengo Patrick McKenna is awesome. Now I tried to look for the meaning of Camerlengo and it means Papal Chamberlain.

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