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Mary Fahl’s kick ass take on a Pink Floyd Album:She is a Goddess!

Although this album is not necessarily Celtic , Mary Fahl possess a voice that crosses genres.She has a distinctive atmospheric vocals that can bring to mind images of medieval castles and haunted monasteries. Mary Fahl has the ‘it’.I am not a Pink Floyd fan and I would never even spend a buck on their album Dark Side of the Moon but upon hearing Mary Fahl’s involvement on the track by track take on each of the songs in this highly acclaimed old album ,you bet I could not keep my self from whooping. Forget the fact that this project doesn’t really stay true to the original(hell,Pink Floyd doesn’t really kick my ass ) or that some critics may find most of the track spacey or even ethereal or operatic, I don’t care. All I want to hear was her vocals. I was never disappointed upon hearing songs like ‘Money” and “Brain Damage’. It just proves that Mary Fahl can hack sounding soulful one moment and angelic the next.She has a very versatile voice. In a place where Lisa Gerrard, doesn’t allow her voice to go falsetto, Mary hacked her way into Sarah Brightman’s realm even if she is a pure contralto with a big cinematic voice. It seems that V2 records folded up even before this record was able to receive a mainstream release but it is OK. As long as there are bloggers out there who are like me. As long as Mary doesn’t give up recording then she can bet her five cents that I wont stop writing about her.

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2 thoughts on “Mary Fahl’s kick ass take on a Pink Floyd Album:She is a Goddess!

    • Some of it is available on the web. You can just google it and it will give you the links. I think some are also being sold in ebay. Just look for “From The Dark Side of the Moon” by Mary Fahl and it will show the links. Cheers and I hope she will have a new album out soon.

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